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Hi Hello people!
Lemme put on my Toxicity CD on while I write this...

there you go.

I came home from Otakuthon last night around 11 PM and well, I have a con report to write now, don't I!?

Now before I start the day-by-day rant...I didn't finish my Plugsuit in time...Because halfway through the project we realized....HEY, THIS THING IS NEARLY-COMPLETELY SEE-THROUGH :D
and so we tried to use a bodyshaper and other techniques to..well..cover me. Turns out doubling the fabric was our last optio-- except we didn't have enough of my spandex... I'll have Rei done in the future... Because I really want to cosplay more with :icongebgeb: she's proven to me in the past few weeks that she's a truly amazing person, a very valuable and trustworthy friend and we have a really good chemistry. I love that little woman to bits <3

I invaded the Video gaming room very early with boyfriend (Who was assistant-director of the video gaming room..) and made it my turf for the weekend. :D

A little before the con started I hung out with Gabou, :iconichimy-sama: , :icondemoisellecourtoisie:, her sister :iconsakutaro2580: and their roomates, in their room until the con opened. We wandered about, derped out, went in the dealers room a little and just had fun overall being dorks. I didn't have a costume and the girls were all in relatively simple costumes (Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon) which made WANDERING AROUND sooo much easier. Got to see :iconlolipuff: , :iconflanna: , :iconjujub: and :icondeltaree: a little in the dealers room before they vanished until Saturday night. (oh well. )

I was hosting the masquerade, thus I was in the GreenRoom starting 3 PM ...
BUT. From 10 to 3, I hung out with Ichimy and our friend Yohan, LOOOTS more derping out, walking around, being idiots, playing Skullgirls... :D It was great.

My lockdown wasn't actualy awful, I was Co-MCing with :iconfrenzywonder:
Got to talk to sooo many awesome cosplayers and amazing friends like :iconaoifasd: , :iconmaverickdelta:, :iconlovely-chen: and the MoonRosesTeam
I also took the time to talk to :icongundan00: after an incident involving our mutual friend and a toothpick.

Usually I'd leave out the fact that I talked with my Ex at the con but it was quite the enlightening talk and I think we both realized a lot of things and finally came to an agreement.
Some things are better left unknown and some things were found out.
I'll just leave it at that.

IT WAS AWESOME. Well, I had a lot of fun, it took sooo long though...ugh. Standing still for two hours, in heels and in a corset... Not exactly comfortable...but it was worth it. <3
I don't really have anything else to say about it...had to deal with a Resting Bitch Face jerkbag girl in the greenroom, seriously? someone get her fired holy shit. Bossing me around and stuf...
Excuse you darling, I know what I'm doing and, guess what, you're not my superior, get lost. :D

Well , I attended the Teahouse Panel with my Ex-MahouShoujo girls and Ichimy...

then...I hung out with Ichimy, Demoiselle Courtoisie, Sakutaro2580 , Gabou, ChibiAlex and Aurelie until...3 in the morning? From three in the morning on sunday, the group just got smaller and smaller every passing hour... We ran into :iconeebanee: and Caro at the Dance-party-thing on the 7th floor around 3-4 AM. SO. MUCH. FUN. Dancing around for an hour like total idiots it was AMAZING. Then we just had regular kigurumi-shenanigans until 7 AM...Then we took a shower and went to be until 10 AM.

After the most awkward passive-agressive morning ever. LOL.
Rolled around in the gaming room, playing DS with Boyfriend. :D We finished all the street-pass puzzles! ALL OF THEEEMMM...
And i'm on my 3rd run of Find Mii II .... this is a little sad...Hahaha!

Hung out with ChibiAlex more, attended the JoJo gathering , spent time with :iconladysqualala: and her friend (sorry Q_Q idunnknowyou )

Ended the day by talking to people who hadn't talked to me in several monthes... it was nice. I think. I guess..
Attended the stupid closing ceremony and went home after amazing A&W date with boyfriend haha <3
I passed out in the car and woke up in my bed this morning.

This con was...Bittersweet and borderline nostalgic...but more sweet than bitter.
I unfortunately don't think i'll be able to attend Otakuthon next year as it is the same weekend as Fanexpo...

Talking about Fanexpo, SEE YOU GUYS THERE!

(Jeebus, this took the entire CD to write because dA crashed on me halfway through.. x.x)
  1. FanExpo 2013 August 22-25th
    • Thursday 22nd //No costume
    • Friday 23rd //No costume
    • Saturday 24th //No costume
    • Sunday 25th //No costume
  2. Montreal ComicCon 2013 - September 13-15th  
    • Friday 13th (oooh~ spooky!) //No costume
    • Saturday 14th //Secret~ <3
    • Sunday 15th //No costume


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Don't have much to say. Derpy Cosplayer/LARPer from Montréal.
I am extremely socially awkward and, truth be told, I am incredibly uncomfortable around people. I'm nothing special. Don't mind me.


Ah, Oui. Je parle français. <3 C:

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